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Who is Karen Jones? She is a being of infinite talents. She has been placed in so many musical categories, it’s hard to know which one truly defines her. It’s no surprise that “Eclectic” is her Modus Operandi.

“Eclectic”: composed of elements drawn from various sources.

Indeed, as a powerhouse singer, Karen’s vocal styles range from Jazz to Rock to Italian ballads. Like her singing, her musical compositions flow like ballads to a musical soundtrack or groove like an earthy Brasilian bossa or move you like a bouncin’ Latin Jazz groove. There are no limits to her talents and abilities.

Childhood was rich with music for Karen Jones. Daughter of the most famous swing bassist of our time, Eddie Jones, Karen grew up in the Jazz world in Brooklyn, NY. Her father played with the Count Basie Orchestra for over 10 years. He also loved classical music and played with the Village Light Opera Group at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan. Karen absorbed it all. Ellie Jones, Karen’s mother, while not a musician, is a true lover of life. Ellie introduced Karen to a rich variety of musical styles to appreciate and honor.

At school, Karen’s life was busy with music, choir, piano lessons, track and field, theatre, and so on. The attention Karen received from her high school choir director reinforced her musical foundation and allowed her the vocal freedom she still enjoys today. Boston University Theatre Arts School opened Karen’s world to expressing her emotions and exploring the rich complexity of being herself ? while acting like others. The college years were critical in terms of Karen’s growth. Being on her own, exploring her identity, growing up, and becoming an artist; this all prepared her for the next phase of life.

Today Karen is internationally respected. She began her professional career in Europe ? specifically Italy, where she created her career from the ground up. While Karen created a name for herself, she maintained an avid interest in spiritual research. This search would turn out to be the basis for lyrical and life choices she would make later on in her career.

Performing in piano bars in Rome, Karen launched her career. She eventually met all the right people and found herself performing in her first Jazz festival and participating on her first album. She toured that first summer with the famous Italian entertainer, Renzo Arbore, and sang in front of 100,000 people! Shortly after that she recorded a soundtrack for an international film, for which she also wrote the lyrics. Karen’s recording career has since been blessed with over 50 dance singles and 4 albums. As Karen’s vast array of performance venues has grown, so has her seasoned, unique sound. Performing in haut-couture fashion shows, charity concerts, television shows, symphonic concerts, big band concerts, private parties, movie soundtracks, jingles, national concert tours, international concert tours, nightclubs, jazz festivals, cruise ships, weddings, community plazas, and last but not least piano bars, Karen has done every conceivable form of vocal performance. The ability to sing in other languages has also added to her vast repertoire, which of course has been developed over the years to tantalize her audiences throughout the world. Karen’s professionalism follows her wherever she goes and her reputation precedes her.

In addition to being a powerful entertainer and singer, Karen’s natural charisma is part of the magic of her performances. In fact, the critics have lauded Karen’s live performance as the most impressive aspect of her show. Karen attributes this to an awareness that she has about herself that most people forget they have. It’s this philosophy or spiritual approach to life that has been the driving force for this intensely expressive artist.

After years of reading books on self-improvement and new thought spirituality, Karen decided that the world was missing something in the lyrics of the songs that are written today. She decided to finally use the philosophies she was reading about and living all these years and infuse them into her music. A collaboration with the Italian group “Legato” gave her that opportunity and the album “Wonderland” was born. There’s a calling from the very first haunting song to recognize that the power we seek is already within us all. This calling continues today and brings us to Karen’s most recent album called “Dream a little Deeper”. Her vision is to be in a world where people can be truly themselves without guilt and fear.

One other aspect of Karen’s desire to share her spiritual discoveries was to share her knowledge and experience as a vocal coach for aspiring singers. This began as a hobby and has now become a part of her life. Through training with Karen, students access the power of their voices and also grow as individuals, taking with them a collection of tools to use as vocalists and in their daily lives.

Most recently, Karen’s musical/spiritual journey has brought her to Miami, Florida to work on her latest self-composed album. Her life today as a songwriter has taken on new dimensions as she conducts and writes for a 40-person choir at Unity on the Bay ? a “New Thought-Ancient Wisdom” church in Miami. Unity’s Heart of the World Choir has been singing Karen’s musical compositions as well as enjoying her years of experience and spiritual wisdom to guide them. Karen regularly attends the “Agape New Thought Music Symposium”. Together with other songwriters from the world of new thought, the sharing of music and lyrics is creating a shift of consciousness on the planet. Choirs across the country are singing these uplifting songs.

While she makes her finishing touches on her first self made album, Karen smiles to herself at how much her life has been a glorious adventure. Most recently her adventure took a huge turn and she has not been the same since.

Over a year ago, Karen watched a dear friend transform right before her very eyes. Fascinated by the changes she saw in him, she decided to take the same course that had so visibly affected her friend. The class called “Access ? Energy Transformation” has been such a powerful catalyst that, ever since taking it, Karen has changed in all areas of her life.

Today, Karen is a proud facilitator of Access. After the first two courses she knew that something had shifted inside her. She was so excited about this that she took the next two levels two weeks later. From then on, life has been a series of discoveries as she clears the limitations in her life. The techniques and tools that Access offered her were so simple and powerful that at first it seemed too easy. Then after a short while everyone noted the differences that she herself was beginning to acknowledge. There is so much more joy in her life now. There are so many more opportunities in her life. There is so much more laughter in her life. There is so much more energy in and all around her. The list goes on and the infinite possibilities never cease. She says, “How does it get any better than that?” to all the grand and glorious adventures that are just around the corner.

The woman. The artist. The singer. The lyricist. The composer. The teacher. The coach. The choir director. The Access facilitator. Not necessarily in any particular order of importance ? all wrapped in a package of infinite possibilities. Karen’s life is a testimony of how living in “allowance” has raised her up a consciousness-notch in every area of her career. The daily choice to live in ease, joy and glory has given her students, her choir, her audiences, her own life, an open arena to grow through awareness by asking some powerful questions. Living in the question is her ode to joy, bliss and ecstasy.

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