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The rich laughter that punctuates Diane White's speech at regular intervals conveys a great deal about her personality: she is exuberant, passionate and sensual. Diane loves life and the arts; nowhere is that lover better.

Diane was fortunate to be born into a family who valued the discipline and intellectual stimulation provided by studying the arts. The White's enrolled their daughter in Russian Ballet and piano, providing her with the strong foundation that underlines her considerable talent as a jazz vocalist and musician.

Diane began her musical journey as an instrumentalist, developing a strong attachment to the growling sounds of the trombone; it took the persistence of a music teacher to push the dedicated brass musician into joining her high school vocal jazz ensemble. Diane soon found that her extroverted personality was well-suited to vocaljazz performance, and a new-found love for the genius of many jazz greats spurred her on to carve out her own niche as a vocalist.

Dianes's formal education led to the completion of a Jazz Studies degree in Fine Arts at Montreal's Concordia University. In addition, Diane received invaluable experience training with an impressive roster of jazz gurus, including Andrew Homzy, Charles Ellison, Dave Turner and Ray Anderson. Anderson was the one who emphasized the importance of playing with as many musicians as possible in order to acquire new ideas and insights into jazz performance and composition.

Both her formal education and her strong sense of individualism have served Diane well. Her warm, inviting tone recalls vocal giants Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughn and Anita O'Day, but the overall effect in her vocal delivery is dominated by her own joyous sense of life. Indeed, it is Diane's desire to marry innovations with the jazz tradition coupled with her incredibly charismatic live performances which are winning her glowing reviews from both audiences and critics.

Whether Diane is gracing the stages of International Jazz Festivals, New York City, Eastern Europe or London club circuit, in the Middle East Entertaining the Canadian and American Troops or even the jazz venues in her hometown of Ottawa, audiences are in for a treat. Diane's sense of fun and playfulness resonate in her performances. A notorious social butterfly, Diane spends little time poised behind a mike stand. A typical performance will find her wandering about a club, exchanging smiles and words with her audiences, occaionally seating herself at a particularly receptive table for a few bars or even an entire song. Such is the talent of the irrepressible Diane White.

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